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Why Small Businesses Should Outsource Their Marketing

Any small business owner knows there aren’t enough hours in a day. Between prospective client meetings, evaluating last quarter’s sales numbers, and serving existing customers, your day is never short of jam-packed. Each and every task that helps a business run is just as important as the next, so when it comes to marketing, you don’t want to cut corners.

Deciding whether or not to outsource your marketing is an important decision for any business, so if you’re considering taking that step, here are five reasons why outsourcing might be the right decision for your company.

Dedicated experts

Marketing is a full-time job. No matter how skilled you or another employee might be at InDesign, SEO, or writing in general, it takes time—a lot of time, in some cases—to develop strong marketing materials and strategies that will effectively illustrate your brand and move the needle for your business. 

Handing off your marketing needs to a dedicated agency staff will give those marketing materials the time and attention they deserved. No more late-night blog posts that need to go up in the morning or rushed digital campaigns without established KPIs. Marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought. In fact, with carefully developed and measurable campaign materials, marketing can actually be used to help inform business decisions based on audience and industry insights.

Outsourcing your marketing will give you the results your business needs because an agency partner will have the time to focus completely on your business needs and your audiences’ wants.

Storytelling can be difficult

You know your company’s story better than anybody. You might be the expert, but being so close and connected to that story can make it difficult to create a cohesive brand story that will resonate with a variety of existing and potential customers. Outsourcing your marketing needs will give you a greater vantage point when it comes to audience, so those marketing materials will lead to more effective results.

Some business owners might fear an agency’s disconnect from their company, but that isn’t actually the case. When you partner with an agency, you can focus on fostering and improving the culture and service that make your company what it is. Your agency partner can then focus on creating solutions for how best to tell that story, share your brand, and ultimately grow your business.

More control and options

One common argument for staffing an in-house marketing team is control. With an in-house team, you have more control over your marketing campaigns and deliverables, at least that’s how the argument goes. But with an in-house marketing team, there are more voices and opinions that need to be heard and fleshed out for all strategy, branding, and messaging decisions. With an agency, you partner with the team and influence the direction of your marketing while receiving the benefit of having an expert staff help craft that vision.

Not only will you be able to have more say over your company’s marketing direction, but you will also benefit from the full range of capabilities a dedicated marketing agency can provide. Once you’ve mapped out and decided on your company’s marketing needs, it’s up to your agency partner to provide the solutions to meet those needs.

Information on industry trends

Marketing trends and technology move fast, so it’s important to stay in the know about the next big thing. Yet, as a business owner, it’s important to be in the know on a lot of things: sales numbers, customer satisfaction, staffing information, business logistics, and so on. Outsourcing your marketing will give you the advantage of getting the latest and greatest in marketing without needing to be up-to-date on the trends and technology yourself.

Even if you don’t fully understand how SEO or drip email campaigns work, you want your company to benefit from these and other types of marketing strategies. Outsourcing your marketing will allow you to take advantage of new technologies and trends without having to take the time every few months to learn the ins and outs of a new marketing tool’s backend functions.

Save time to grow your business

Ultimately, outsourcing your marketing needs will save you time, and as we all know, in business, time is money. As you work to grow your business, outsourcing your marketing will free up more of your time, so you can continue focusing on the important functions that keep your business running every day. 

As businesses and consumers become more and more intertwined on digital platforms, making your marketing work for your audience is critical to the growth of your company. Leveraging an agency partner will give you the results you’re looking for without taking up precious time and resources.

If you’re ready to take the next step to make marketing work for you, or if you’re looking for more information on the services and offerings we can provide you, contact us today to learn more.


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