Web & App Design

Does your site truly reflect your brand? Is it built to attract your customers and their needs? Is the data you collect getting to the right people and platforms in your company?  At Big Rocket, these aren’t idle questions. 

And it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a high-performance e-commerce experience or a B2B site that is more about building client confidence. Your website must convey your brand, be easy to use, and convert browsers into customers. 

But, even before the customer sees your brilliant headline, special offer, or product/services – they might bounce if your page takes more than 4 seconds to load. Your site also needs to be optimized, SEO friendly, mapped, pixeled, linked in and out, and tagged.

We can design for almost any platform (see Platforms / WYSIWYG, below), but knowing how to pull all the levers for a great web experience is what Big Rocket spends a lot of time doing.

PNC Wealth Management microsite
Trail Runners Club
Action Medical Funding
DickPrint Summer 2021 homepage design
Skur web and product interface design
ModernTots e-commerce
Food Delivery
Homepage of ElazarAslan.com
MCM Veture Partners
blis cbd products
Dragon Global

Experience Great Design.

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We love platforms.

Big Rocket has worked with many platforms, but the trick isn’t usually knowing the platform – it’s creating a digital experience that converts shoppers into buyers. We design and build unique, branded, easy to navigate, SEO friendly, socially integrated, and fast loading websites for any platform.

Platforms?  The way websites are built changed recently—services like Wix, Square Space, WordPress, BigCommerce, and Shopify feature user-friendly WYSIWYG  interfaces. And, even most platforms built for complex enterprise-level websites now have WYSIWYG interfaces built-in.