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Getting Video Production Right

In this era of high-quality streaming services, influencers with spotless streams of content, and powerful phones that can do it all, it may seem that making a great video is no big deal. But time and again we see video and photography with fairly low-quality production values showing up in surprising places. And the impact is almost always bad, often degrading the quality of the brand experience and losing a sale.

High-quality videos drive customer engagement, help optimize conversion rates, and ultimately drive business growth.

Top Five Things To Get Right When Creating Video

An Engaging Script or Outline

A clear, concise, and engaging script is one of the most vital components of a successful video. Whether geared towards social storytelling or instruction, the script should capture the attention and engagingly reveal information. Researchers found that 1 in 5 viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds if the content doesn’t seem interesting.

A professional creative team can help you craft a script that packs a punch from the outset. Moreover, they can ensure that the script stays “on-brand” with its message and tone, which will present a more consistent experience to your customers across the board.

An Effective Soundtrack

What’s a video without a soundtrack? An appropriate backing score to your video will enhance the appeal of your message while keeping the attention focused on the core themes. The creative team you partner with will be able to craft a soundtrack to match the tone of your content while simultaneously optimizing your video for silent viewing.

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High Production Values

Publishing low-quality videos can be counterproductive. It can damage your brand’s image and drive customers to competitors that are more conscious of presentation.

On the other hand, videos that boast high production values will enhance your company’s reputation. Still, there is a lot involved in producing high-quality video content. Factors such as best orientation for the video, resolution level, sufficient and appropriate lighting, and audio quality must be addressed.

A professional creative team can help ensure that these and other crucial production values are considered in each video your company publishes. While accomplishing this in-house would require time and resources, outsourcing video production to a qualified marketing agency often proves to be a less expensive and more efficient option.

Optimized Video Performance

Besides high production values, optimizing your video’s performance is critical.

For example, SEO-driven video content (that is, content that includes a description with appropriate SEO keywords) will help your website capture a larger share of inbound traffic. Furthermore, targeting specific subgroups of your consumer base that are more likely to engage with the content in question will lead to a higher ROI.

An experienced creative team will help you ensure your video enjoys the highest production values and engages the most people possible.

Accurate Performance Measurement

Accurately tracking and analyzing video performance is a critical task to provide valuable feedback for future marketing efforts. Measures of reach, engagement, and comparative metrics between competitor videos and even previously published videos from your company all feed into an accurate picture of how your content is performing.

Test and measure every piece of content to ensure that future content will perform even better.


What’s a Brand Guide? And Yes, You Need One!

Your brand guide, also known as a brand guideline or brand book, acts as a blueprint for your company’s identity. These guidelines include your company’s history, message, values, mission statement, and personality. A brand guide also details some design elements for print and web appearances such as logo, logo placement, color palette, fonts, and more.