Big Rocket’s creative services focus on creating, enhancing, and nurturing your brand, including identity creation, logo design, brand and style guides, packaging design, and print communications. Our collaborative process helps to ensure your branding matches your visions and resonates with your customers.

What is your unique brand identity?

Are you buttoned up and professional? Casual and fun? Or maybe the hottest new trend in runway fashions?  Do you need the trust and confidence expected of financial services companies, or are you more about education, manufacturing, or the environment?

The point is, branding is a process of strategy, discovery, and definition. So what we do is dig deep into your products, business, consumers, competition, and the market to inform what your brand could be.

Then we turn it into the visual embodiment of those ideas so you can connect with your customers in a meaningful way. 

Everything is branding. Be fabulous, be awesome, be your brand.



Geared toward companies looking for a comprehensive brand identity. The process aligns strategy, messaging, and aesthetics to create a brand guide that establishes a unified and identifiable visual brand position.


This service will help you create the visual foundation for your brand through an original logo or brand mark. We deliver it with a style guide that will make it easy to consistently understand how to use color, type, and logo for various business needs.


This package is an end-to-end solution that combines strategy and research with the ideas and designs of our creative team. Through cohesive strategy and visual exploration, your brand’s identity is based on extensive research and analysis and is comprehensively outlined in a brand book.


We work with your existing visual identity to create cohesive brand collateral that matches your voice and aesthetics. We ensure consumers remember your brand through digital and physical collateral, turning them into loyal customers with exceptional design and strategy.


Our creative team designs dynamically branded mock-ups and packaging that will catch your customer’s eye, tell a story, and stand out from the competition.

Everything is branding. Everything.


• brand audit
• competitive audit
• mission and vision
• brand architecture
• brand positioning
• personas


• brand identity
• logo design
• naming
• tagline
• visual identity
• messaging
• brand guidelines
• style guide


• product design
• packaging design
• marketing materials
• tradeshow booths and materials
• sales materials
• presentations
• mailers, catalogs, brochures
• signage and experiential


This is a small sample of clients ranging from large household names to small businesses and startups. We’ve done complete brands for many of these clients. A few were rebranding projects. And, some were special projects like market research, competitive analysis, personas or customer journeys, or product design and packaging.

SKUR branding project
Dr. Schulze's American Botanical Pharmacy
moderntots logo
Rosetta Stone
Verus Health
Kak logo
Little Sparrow
Action Medical Funding logo
Endurance Brands logo
Bean Genius
Pizza Ratti logo
Living Healthy logo
Black Box logo
ROAV Built Vans logo
Dick Print logo

Branding while not branding.

Sometimes branding is about creating one piece that sets the standard.

In the case below, powerful and intimate black and white photography combines with strong color and crisp white text. The result is a single piece of marketing communications that forced all subsequent designs to follow its lead. 


Whether you’re just trying to keep up with the competition or beat them to the next trend, every company needs to be re-branded at some point. However, rebranding projects have to account for existing brand perceptions, employees or customers who might resist change, and the cost and complexity of implementing the new brand into an operating enterprise.

Rosetta Stone was a bootstrapped startup in rural Virginia growing rapidly. They need to quickly modernize the brand and stand apart from less advanced language learning solutions. Big Rocket’s founder, Bruce Marsh, was instrumental in repositioning the brand for a global audience and helping the company become a household name.


ModernTots desperately wanted to break out of the mold of big-box stores, plastic toys, and child models straight out of central casting. So we created an authentically fun, young, and natural identity while also a little sophisticated. The photography all features children in natural states of play. Store design, signage, and packaging all convey a sense of elegant comfort. And the logo is the moment of surprise and delight.

ModernTots logo

What’s Next? Digital Experiences.